Our Story

Kizen Estates has been building dream homes and habitats for thousands of happy families. Over the years, Kizen Estates has gained the trust of its loyal customers by offering opulent habitats and elegant homes which not only redefine lifestyles but also add long term value to your investment.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Kizen Estates as a developer and realtor has always had a strong presence in the state. The team behind Kizen Estates has been in the construction and real estate sector since 2007. Having successfully established ourselves for several years, we specialize in Construction, Promotion, and Marketing & Property Management. With several more benchmark projects in the pipeline, the company has been transforming the residential spaces of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas phenomenally.

Our well informed, thorough and precise approach and pure transparency in work and transactions make “Kizen Estates” the most refined and standout firm to work with. All our business decisions are based on proper market research and firm interest in always giving the best to our customers.

Other than this, we believe in coming up with something new and different every time, give something back to nature or at least take only what is required from the nature and maintain a keen balance. We always come with projects, which are new and elegant, an in tandem with nature around.

We are looking forward to serving you.

Our Logo

The concept of the logo is derived from the two hands forming the house in the negative space, further detailed with the 4 squares representing the windows. The earthy colors of the logo are so close to our ideology, the lighter green presents the nature and the darker green represents your investment (money/wealth). Kizen Estates always believes in protecting both of these aspects to provide a living space that is harmonious with your lifestyle

This is an emphasis to the title “Kizen Estates” – the word Kizen is an adaptation of the original word ‘KAI-ZEN’- meaning evolution and continuous growth. The hands represent the nurture, care and the environment - which is essential for sustained and continuous growth. The logo also represents the core value of the firm- delivering homes and protecting nature.

This logo is to target the inner conscience of the audience who seek sophistication and opulence along with a bit of nature.